Lajos Kovács
Executive Director

"Responsiveness is the forerunner for an efficient and equitable health system. When governments faced with challenges of diverse health needs of the population, Public Health Improvement Initiatives Internationale (PHIII) assists national governments and international organisations to realise aspirations for health systems strengthening, in addition planning and implementing programmes providing better health for the population, and to fortify efforts for creating a dynamically responsive health system." –Dr. Lajos Kovács

Dr. Lajos Kovács is the Executive Director of Public Health Improvement Initiatives Internationale (PHIII) with the mandate to realize the vision of PHIII while enabling PHIII to tread on its core values.

Since 1990s, Dr. Lajos Kovács is continuously supporting national governments in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), and the Former Soviet Union (FSU) for reorganising and strengthening health systems. He has provided technical advice and leadership on planning, development and implementation of health care reforms covering health financing, health care delivery, and capacity building.  Over the years, beyond national governments, The World Bank and the European Commission, in addition to other international organizations, are availing his expertise for their multilateral activities in program planning, implementation and evaluation. His contributions to health development in Western Balkan countries, Turkey and East Africa are also well recognised.

Dr. Lajos Kovács is a Doctor of Medicine from University Medical School, Debrecen, Hungary, and an alumnus of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), United Kingdom, with his Masters in Health Services Management, and of National Institute of Public Administration, Hungary, with his Post-Graduate diploma in Public Administration. He has delivered training programmes at several international Schools of Public Health, participated in international health systems researches, and published papers on topics of global health.

Aigars Miezītis
Head – Baltic region

“New technologies in the legacy health system is an expensive system. We need to innovate the system to be more effective.” –Aigars Miezītis

Aigars Miezītis is the Head – Baltic region for Public Health Improvement Initiatives Internationale (PHIII). His mandate is to partner with the respective country governments of Baltic region for development of health systems in the region.
Aigars represents Latvian Council of Science in the EU Horizon 2020 project “TO-REACH” – (Transfer of Organisational Innovations for Resilient, Equitable, Accessible, Sustainable and Comprehensive Healthcare Services and Systems). He is an advisory Board member of European Forum for Primary care and represents Latvia in Baltic Sea interregional collaborative eHealth platform.
Since 1997, Aigars is contributing for development of health systems in the region through his association in different capacities with national government and with different multilateral organisations. Aigars was the procurement specialist for ‘Health System Reform’ – a project of World Bank in Latvia. Aigars expertise in restructuring financing of health systems have found relevance in EU-PHARE (a project to facilitate accession of Latvia to European Union).
Aigars penchant for developing generations is evident with his affiliation as a lecturer of Health Economics in Rīga Stradiņš University. His leadership role in re-designing payment mechanisms for healthcare services and development of eHealth Services in Latvia is well recognised.