Public Health Improvement Initiatives Internationale

The root cause of inequalities lies in…

equality of thoughts, behaviours and actions.

Public Health Improvement Initiatives Internationale (PHIII) is a University of Eastern Finland spin-off and Karelia University of Applied Sciences supported development organisation. PHIII is an assembly of multi-country expertise for advisory, research and future-ready global health cadre development in public health economics, health policy and health systems. We dynamically endeavour in creating local expertise with global perspectives for interconnected development. The in-house expertise of PHIII continuously generates and disseminates evidences for health policy and health systems development with focus on the former Soviet Union (FSU) countries. PHIII is committed to be a conduit for dissemination of best practices in evidence informed health policy development, implementation and monitoring amongst FSU nations.


“To position PHIII as a future-ready knowledge partner for multilateral organisations, country governments and higher academic institutions towards population health development in developmental economies of the world”


Examining factors contributing health inequalities in the Russian Federation

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Exploring applicability of choice modelling in welfare economics

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TO UNDERTAKE public policy relevant developmental research;
TO PARTICIPATE in competitive bidding processes for activities related to population health development;
TO TRIGGER measures at national and at global level for evidence informed public policy development;
TO DEVELOP future-ready cadre of international health;
TO CONTRIBUTE in global governance and knowledge development mechanisms;
TO EXPLORE and provide avenues for personal and collective development to all our stakeholders.


OPENNESS AND WIDENESS in thoughts, expressions and actions;
WARMTH AND CONCERN in all our interactions;
FACILITATION AND HANDHOLDING of individual developmental efforts to accelerate collective development;
CREATION OF SPACE and opportunity for partners and future generations.